Corporate photography in London offices © Photographer Grantly Lynch

Corporate photography in London business © Photographer Grantly Lynch

This is another corporate photograph taken for They were in the process of moving to new offices in London and did not want to feature the reception area too prominently. I decided to focus on the business logo and asked some ‘corporate’ people to stand  in the background to add interest and scale to the photograph. The problem for any photographer is time when you are photographing corporate people as there are constraints because of the amount of photographs required and how much they want to spend on photographers fees. This normally means that you dont have a lot of time as the photographer to set up shots and corporate people would rather be getting on with their business. In this case I over exposed the background so that it blew all the details in the window and this cut out the need to sort and arrange that area. The corporate logo was in focus but the rest of the photograph was made out of focus so the elements became a generic business office. I asked the ‘business people’ to just chat and keep moving as I did not want the photograph to looked too posed, also reminded them not to look at the photographer!

© Grantly Lynch 2010

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  1. I agree, shooting corporate photography is limited to the time you have available. The image shown above is creative as you have focused on the logo and blurred the depth of field. Nice tilt of the camera has created an interesting composition! Cheers

  2. I truly love this site, especially when talking about photography. Keep up the good work.

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