Corporate photographer commission at Winchester University Business School in Hampshire

These are a selection of business photographs taken at the Winchester University Business School in Hampshire and were commissioned by Hampshire graphic designers The Cradduck Design Company

University of Winchester Business School Hampshire Corporate Photographer Grantly Lynch

As a business photographer based in Hampshire it is good to get a local commission but this was also an interesting brief.

Professor Neil Marriott head of the University if Winchester Business School had asked David Cradduck to help them project a more corporate feel to the Universities marketing material. I was commissioned to tour the university and capture photographs that reflected the business element whilst still retaining the feel of education.

University Winchester Business School Hampshire by Corporate Photographer Grantly Lynch

For a photographer this was quite a tricky commission as I was having avoid slipping into the trap of photographing the typical education style photographs and having to focus on creating corporate and business imagery.

University of Winchester Business School Hampshire - Corporate Photographer Grantly Lynch

There were plenty of students in the University enjoying the Hampshire sunshine, and this was a problem for me as taking photographs of the students sitting around enjoying themselves did not project the right image, as more corporate / business photographs need to look more studious and professional. This was a half day commission and I managed to capture 200 plus photographs.

University of Winchester Business School Hampshire - Corporate Photographer Grantly Lynch

Location – University of Winchester Business School Hampshire

Commissioned by David Cradduck from Hampshire based Cradduck Design Company

© Grantly Lynch 2010 – Commercial Photography Hampshire 07831 366136

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  1. Hi Adan thanks for the input and really glad you linked the post. Do you have a twitter account as I be interested to follow, mine is
    All the best Grant

  2. Garen says:

    Have you considered selling the rights to your photography on any of the million sites where you can sell stock photography?


  3. Portraits shots are very good. I like how the subjects are being treated. How I would love to learn those techniques!

  4. Oscar says:

    I’ve been dying to have a glimpse of this prestigious business university. And I must say you really did give justice and not impose too much of what usual photographers mistake on slipping for. Great job!

  5. samantha says:

    Photography is one of the best forms of art. I love the way how pictures show the beauty around us.

  6. Guru says:

    I believe you should sell your photos to the sites which accept photos as stock images and I am sure that people will fall over themselves to buy this kind of quality images.

    Your images bring life to the characters that are shot and I am sure there will be a ton of people using it all over the web.

    We should also commend the business school for selecting such a professional for their photo shoot.

  7. Ray says:

    Portraits shots are very good. I like how the subjects are being captured. How I would love to learn those techniques.

  8. Sam Milby says:

    The photographs are great! Beautiful, creative and technically correct.

  9. Sandra6 says:

    The third shot is pretty good for breaking up the inevitable monotony on this kind of photography. They all look really natural.

  10. Michael says:


    4 great shots. You really captured a great at work feel. The subjects look professional but relaxed at the same time. I bet they were happy with the result.

  11. This is great photos! Thanks for sharing this one!

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