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Commercial photography in Portsmouth

Commercial photography Portsmouth by photographer Grantly Lynch

This was shot for a corporate client who required some informal business portraits for use in marketing and on business social networking sites. He gave me a fairly open brief and allowed me to direct the shoot. I had asked him to have someone else around so he could talk about business and this would help him relax and give him a point of focus.

I often blur the background in corporate portraits, but this does not mean that I am not careful as to what is in them. This was taken at IBM offices North Harbour Portsmouth and the whole reception area had been recently refurbished. It had some strong design features and these balanced with the subject very well. The offices faced north so the light was very soft and cold and this helped cool the colours in the photograph. As a corporate photographer you are basically always trying to balance lots of elements and bring them all together in a split second. Happy photographer? I was hoping I could get someone walking past in the background, but if I had stopped the subject talking to arrange it, I would have killed the moment.

Location – IBM North Harbour Portsmouth Hampshire UK

Subject – Mark Sampson Neocol UK

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