Corporate photographer London. New domains.

Corporate life in The City London photographer Grantly Lynch

Corporate photographer London- City Life, Rush hour.

I have registered two new domains to see if it can benefit my SEO.

Corporate Photography London and Corporate Portraits London

This was a suggestion from a successful marketing company and it will be interesting to see the results.

© Grantly Lynch Corporate photographer London 2010

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  1. Marcel Garbi says:

    …hope they serve to find you better.
    Your work is very good ;)


  2. I am interested to see what the results are.

  3. Checked the terms in adwords and this is how many monthly global visits is lists for your terms.

    corporate photography london – 320
    corporate portraits london – 210

    That is a good head start, these domains should help with ‘photography london’ and ‘portraits london’ searches as well.

    photography london – 22,200
    portraits london – 480

    Something that would be huge for your SEO is to get some links from the schools and university websites that you have shot images for pointing to your site. If you can get them to put a link on their website with anchor text like:

    Photography London by Grantly Lynch

  4. Looking into this idea

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