Social media avatar photos for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Portrait for social media profile photograph

Social media avatar portraits for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc

I have been commissioned recently by corporate clients to produce portraits for their social media avatar. Clients are seeing the importance of how they look in the social media revolution. It is worth doing and its worth doing well. If you are an individual use a portrait- the research shows people like to see a face and not a cartoon or logo. Try and personalise your portrait and add something about your work, location or interest.

© Grantly Lynch. Portrait photographer London 2010

Social media portraits & avatars for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

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  1. CraigVine says:

    Including Big Ben is a statement in itself! I assume location was a massive player in this?

  2. ashok says:

    That’s a solid portrait – it conveys “all business,” and yes, Big Ben in the background makes this unmistakably British. I’ll stumble this; hopefully it’ll bring a bit more attention to your work.

  3. Pete says:

    Good advices. thanks. Recently I heard about employers who are checking the facebooks of the candidates for a job before calling them for an interview. This is something new for me. Social media changed the game a lot.

  4. Aiden says:

    Great advice. I absolutely agree with you that people like to see and visit you if your avatar is not cartoon. In my Facebook page, I use to have my original picture, because people may get more interested to you if they see your face.

  5. I absolutely agree. I don’t like cartoon pictures because they fake. In my facbeook page I use to have my original and true picture so that my audience will truly trust me always.

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