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Business portrait photography

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Helping companies look approachable and professional with contemporary portrait photography.

Recent selection of commissioned natural business portraits in London.

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Business headshots in London by corporate photographer Grantly Lynch

Business portraits London

These business portraits were commissioned by a client to use for their recruitment material. They were keen to include some of their business branding in the portraits, but did not want the portraits to look like press release photographs. These portraits have a relaxed and natural feel to them and along with the business branding it makes them consistent in style. This will benefit the company’s profile by making their business portraits readily recognisable with their business.

Business portrait photographer London

Business Portraits 1

Business portrait photographer London

Business portraits 2

Business portrait photographer London

Business Portraits 3

Business portrait photographer London

Business Portraits 4

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  1. Ileane says:

    Hi Grantly, I really like the second shot. The woman’s eye let you know that you have her full attention. Nice work!

  2. Hi Grantly,
    I like the portrait number two while others are also superb.
    Your photographs are always have some uniqueness in them.

  3. Athiban Raj says:

    Hey Grantly
    I like all the portraits, I like the 2nd pic the most.
    You ‘ve got great talents!

  4. I love your work- every one of these portraits makes these people look like they would be great to work with, friendly, and competent.

  5. Marian says:

    I think the second shot is the “Business portraits 2″ an Indian woman trying to get your attention.

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