Creative corporate portraits

Recent commission for a corporate client who wanted portraits for press release and some more informal portraits of the corporate team around their offices. Corporate portraits should be creative and have an edge to them. This can help your corporate branding stand out from your competitors. The problem with shooting this type of corporate portrait is that unless the clients are up for being creative then the portraits can end up on the cutting room floor. In the instances when a client has gone for the more creative approach and it has really paid off for them (and me). I shot a campaign for a national law firm over 10 years ago and I am still getting requests from other law firms to reproduce their style of photography.

Creative corporate portraits helps your corporate branding stand out from the competition.

Creative corporate portrait photographer

Corporate portraits by Grantly Lynch 07831 366136

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  1. Linda G. Cox says:

    I wish you were here to do my pictures! I’m working on self-branding and I need a professional! I’m sure I’ll find a local!

    I see you found the CAPTCHA protection! Now you just need to enable the commentluv plugin so I get a back link with this comment and it won’t conflict!

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