Corporate portraits.

This is a good client of mine David Cradduck who runs Cradduck Design. This portrait is from a series taken to refresh staff profiles on their website. In the corner of their open plan offices they had a display stand with some of their graphics on it. I knew it would make a good background for the portrait. The background can be more than just the stuff behind the subject, it can and should add to the portrait.

corporate portraits taken in offices

Corporate portraits Hampshire

Commercial photographer Hampshire Grantly Lynch 2010

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  1. Deborah Lee says:

    Love this shot .. really beautifully structured :-)

  2. Sayed says:

    Great shot, I like how hes face looks crystal clear, and how the background is a bit blurry, its like what you see in movies, very professional nice :D

  3. Avis Staudt says:

    Appreciated for befriending film lovers. Your kindly sustain means a lot to us. Keep in mind that Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe all love to put on that hat.

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