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Portrait photography in The City London by photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch

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These are some of my recent corporate portrait photography commissions. Although they are basically single corporate portraits, the photography styles vary depending on the clients requirements. Corporate portrait photography can encompass many different uses from annual reports, online CVs, document pitches, social media portraits, press releases, editorial features and website profiles. The samples below show corporate portrait photography in some of these mediums.

London corporate portrait photography in The West End by Grantly Lynch

Press release corporate portrait photography

This PR corporate portrait was commissioned by BioMarin Europe Ltd. The standing pose and corporate surroundings suggest a formal and businesslike image.

London corporate portrait photography in The West End by Grantly Lynch

Annual report corporate portrait photography

This is a very minimalist corporate portrait. It was commissioned for Camco Global’s annual report and needed to be simple in its composition and lighting, but still make the portrait look professional.

London corporate portrait photography in The West End by Grantly Lynch

Marketing corporate portrait photography

Corporate portrait photography commissioned by Plato GB. This portrait was taken at a networking event and used for social media marketing. This type of photography is more difficult to capture as it is not posed and therefore the photographer has to be alert to any circumstances that offer a good portrait.

London corporate portrait photography by Grantly Lynch

Editorial corporate portrait photography

This was commissioned by First Option Ltd. Tim Considine need some editorial portrait photography for a feature in The New Europe magazine. He wanted natural and fairly relaxed corporate portraits, so I decided to shoot these with natural light and used the glass windows in their corridor to bounce lots of light around to even out highlights and shadows.

London corporate portrait photography by Grantly Lynch

Informal corporate portrait photography

This was captured at a social media event. This type of animated portrait makes the businessman look professional, involved and passionate about his work.

London corporate portrait photography in The West End by Grantly Lynch

Document presentation corporate portrait photography

This corporate portrait was commissioned for the client’s online photography profile. It was to be used for his director CV and sent out with any client proposals and presentations. I really like this pose as its is very natural, it does not look posed and he was very comfortable being photographed.

London corporate portrait photography by Grantly Lynch

Reportage corporate portrait photography

I captured this portrait at a corporate meeting and like its reportage feel. This type of corporate portrait photography is becoming more popular as potential clients like to see ‘real’ portraits on websites and in marketing literature.

London corporate portrait photography in The West End by Grantly Lynch

Online profile corporate portrait photography

This way commissioned by an American client who wanted a corporate profile portrait for his virtual business card.

London corporate portrait photography by Grantly Lynch

Natural corporate portrait photography

Informal corporate portrait taken at a networking event. These are ideal for capturing a client’s character and make a more personal natural portrait. The other great benefit for the client is that no posing is involved. They can just get on with business and allow the photographer to capture the portraits.

Corporate portrait photography © Grantly Lynch 07831 366136 or email

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  1. These are fantastic in so many ways! I’m not a photographer (unless you count all the pictures I take of my five month-old), but I can still tell the quality and how sharp these look. When looking for a photographer, what qualities should I be looking for when it comes to my professional presence?


  2. Hi Grantly Lynch,
    Your photos are taken in a very professional way. I have a few blogs and I want to show my photo on these with my profile. But I could not find a reasonably good photograph which has been taken of me.
    Would you please guide me to which type of photograph will be best to place on my blogs….
    Nazam Warriach

  3. Byron Brown says:

    Professionally taken photo. Great for the business portfolio or website. Nice work!

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