Event photography

Event photography in Hampshire by photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch

This was taken at a team building event in Hampshire. I was trying to capture the interaction between the people participating in the session. It is important to keep the focus on an individual, whilst at the same time involve other people in the photograph.

Corporate team photographer

Event photography in Hampshire by Grantly Lynch

These event photos were taken at a NLP team building event in Hampshire. I felt it was important to capture individual photos of the speaker at precise moments during his presentation. This gives a better insight into the event, rather than using a general shot from the back of the event room showing lots of backs of heads and a small image of the speaker at the front.

Team building photography by corporate photographer Grantly Lynch

Event photography Hampshire

Team building photography by corporate photographer Grantly Lynch

Team building photography

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  1. All photographs are good but I like the last one.

  2. Nina says:

    Portraits are great! very professional. I’ve never been good in terms of photography that is why I have so much admiration with these type of art and profession.

  3. All photos are magnificent. There’s no doubt about that. But I must admit that the last photo is the best. It was taken at the right angle and at the right moment. This is what a work of a professional photographer looks like.

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