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Recent group photography for The International Maritime Organization.


Group photography for the IMO London

The IMO Secretary-General is retiring at the end of the year and the staff wanted a team photo which also featured the IMO London location. After a quick recce of the building, the roof terrace was the ideal location but it needed to be shot on a cloudy day as November sunlight would have meant The Thames would have been in strong sunlight and the roof terrace in heavy shadow.

Group photographs can be very tricky as people tend to all want to stand at the back or directly behind the person in front of them. For this group photo we taped off areas and then directed people by megaphones. When everyone was in place I was only waiting for London Bus to cross Lambeth Bridge, but in the end had to photoshop it in from an earlier test shot.

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  1. To explain that photo perfectly, that was beautiful and magnificent. That was a real work of a talented individual who’s photography is his passion.

  2. Bettina143 says:

    Hi Grantly, this is an excellent photo! Perfect capture of the nice background together with the corporate people… I love it! Thanks for sharing…

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