Corporate Portrait Photography

Portrait photography

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Recent corporate photography commission in The City London. The client wanted to add an element of corporate branding into the portraits and the background blue is M&G investment’s corporate colours.

business branding portraits

Corporate photography by Grantly Lynch

business photographer London

Corporate photography by Grantly Lynch

Business photographer London

Corporate photography by Grantly Lynch

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  1. The background is amazing! It increases the impact of these portraits

  2. Tracyann0312 says:

    The background emphasizes the portrait and it looks good. As you can see, the entire portrait even if it was shot in different angle looks perfect. Also, the color is light and it can relax the eyes of the viewer. Thanks for sharing an excellent work. Can I ask what company detailed such great portraits?

  3. All the photos are so sincere and true, I like them all)

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