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Informal corporate portraits.

Portrait photography by London photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch

This style of corporate portraits was taken for a London client in their office boardroom. As a corporate photographer I am always looking to add interesting elements of the client’s business into their corporate portraits. It could be a corporate logo on the wall, corporate colours or just something unique that would brand their corporate portraits. With this photographic commission there was very little of interest in the offices, so I concentrated on the interaction between the corporate people. This meant having to carefully observe the meeting and planning what is going to happen and where you need to be and who you want to focus on. There was a real sense of communication in these corporate portraits and I feel it really captures the business woman in a corporate meeting but has good informal feel to it.

Informal corporate photography by London photographer Grantly Lynch

Informal corporate portrait

London corporate portrait photography by Grantly Lynch

Natural corporate portrait photography

London corporate portrait photography in The West End by Grantly Lynch

Marketing corporate portrait photography

Corporate portraits in The City by photographer Grantly Lynch

Corporate portraits in The City by photographer Grantly Lynch

Corporate photographer Hampshire

Graeme Quar & Co © Hampshire corporate photographer Grantly Lynch

© Grantly Lynch. Informal corporate portraits London

Corporate commuters on London Bridge © Photographer Grantly Lynch London 2010

Corporate commuters on London Bridge

Took this on the way to a shoot at rush hour. I have often seen photographers at this point photographing the commuters as rush to work. I thought the sign would be a better point of focus and made for a better composition.

© Grantly Lynch 2010

Corporate Portrait Photographer London

Corporate people photography

Corporate people portraits in business meeting. People photographer Grantly Lynch London

This corporate people photograph was taken for  http://la-law.com/ as part of a commission to photograph people in their London corporate offices. Photographing corporate people in a business meetings is a tried and tested format, but photographers would normally try and isolate people for each portrait. In this portrait I decided to add other people to the portrait. It adds depth to the photograph and suggests good communication and teamwork between the people within the company.

Corporate portrait photographer © Grantly Lynch 07831 366136 or email

Creative Corporate Portrait © Photographer Grantly Lynch London 2010

Creative corporate portrait London UK

Composing corporate portraits carefully can really add to the portrait. The use of space makes this corporate portrait much stronger and adds tension to an otherwise standard corporate portrait. This was shot in a business meeting where I was playing around with shapes and the juxtaposition of different objects around the corporate boardroom. This sort of space is a bonus for graphic designers as they have space to add text and graphics.

© Grantly Lynch 2010

Corporate Portrait Photographer London

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