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Grantly Lynch corporate photographer London

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Commission for Unilink Systems Ltd who required some corporate photos of their directors at work in their South London offices. This type of ‘working’ or reportage photography are ideal for generic corporate images for use on websites and as supplementary pictures on marketing material. There is a trend toward using these informal images as profile photos on LinkedIn and for other social media avatars.

business people photography

Corporate working people photography

Business people working in London offices

Corporate London people photographs

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Corporate Photos for City Firm

LinkedIn Photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Commission for Prupim who are based in Basinghall Street. They required corporate headshots for general marketing and these were captured in one of their south facing offices. We used a mixture of natural light balanced with studio lighting.This style of relaxed ‘off camera’ corporate portraits are being used widely as website profiles and for LinkedIn.

City Portrait Photographer

Professional LinkedIn Photographer

Professional corporate photos

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Black & White Corporate Photography

Business Photographer Grantly Lynch

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Black and white headshots for MAM Solutions who required profile photos for their new website and LinkedIn. I shot these in colour as I find you get better results when converting in photoshop to black and white. The benefits or photographing directors and staff in black and white is that you get a more uniform look to your headshots.

black and white corporate photography

black and white corporate headshots

black and white business photos

black and white business headshots

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Board Meeting Photography

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Commission for Bidvest Logistics who asked me to capture portraits at their recent board meeting. Photographing people in this environment can be a little tricky as you have to remain in the background and let the board meeting continue and at the same time move around and get the images required. On the plus side you get very natural expressions as the people are aware you are photographing in the room but they are also focused on the subjects under discussion.

board meeting photography

director board photography

Chairman business photography

corporate board photography

people in meeting photography

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