Business website photography

Business Photographer

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Commission for ACP Freight Services Ltd who needed some business photography for their new website.

business photography London

business photography London

business photographer London

business photos London

business photographs London

business photography London

business photographers London

Business website photography © Grantly Lynch

Corporate portraits.

This is a good client of mine David Cradduck who runs Cradduck Design. This portrait is from a series taken to refresh staff profiles on their website. In the corner of their open plan offices they had a display stand with some of their graphics on it. I knew it would make a good background for the portrait. The background can be more than just the stuff behind the subject, it can and should add to the portrait.

corporate portraits taken in offices

Corporate portraits Hampshire

Commercial photographer Hampshire Grantly Lynch 2010

Commercial photographer Hampshire

Company group photograph for The Alarming Company. These type of large commercial group photographs are difficult to compose as you have lots of different elements to bring together. You need to be very careful to get the composition right as you do not want to end up with a football line up. You need to get some branding in the photograph as well as a good angle on the offices and the vehicle fleet.

Hampshire commercial business photographer Grantly Lynch

Commercial Photographer Hampshire Grantly Lynch

Commercial Photographer Hampshire Grantly Lynch

PR photographer Portsmouth

Taken from a series of press release portraits for Rob Osborne at Ltd who wanted some good portraits for general PR and to help promote their new website. This photograph is all about composition. There are only three elements to the portrait and the balance of the composition needs to work really well.

press release photography in Portsmouth by Grantly Lynch

PR photography @ Lakeside Portsmouth

Commercial photographer Portsmouth Grantly Lynch 2010

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